Are You Ready to Strengthen Your Spine?

Fitness Table Vancouver is a postural training program located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

At Fitness Table, you will discover, develop, and learn to maintain core strength and excellent posture. As the only program in Vancouver that is purely dedicated to postural training, our focus is on you and your health.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete dealing with back ache or a desk jockey looking to strengthen your spine, our hands-on and personalized approach will teach you how to change dysfunctional movement patterns for good.

What's New at Fitness Table Vancouver?

Fitness Table Vancouver in the Media

How to stand with perfect posture   

Watch Katharine explain how the way that you are standing may be contributing to pain in your low back, neck, hips or knees. Learn some simple cues to correct your posture and be able to stand with balance and ease.

How to sit with great posture 

Watch Katharine explain how to sit with great posture in order to avoid pain and strain in your back. At Fitness Table Vancouver we teach you how to develop the strength and endurance in your core to be able to sustain perfect posture while you sit.

Learn How Fitness Table Can Help You

Want to know what Fitness Table Vancouver is all about? Owner and head instructor Katharine Ford gives you a brief introduction to what we’re all about and how we can help you!

Is Sitting the New Smoking?

The dangers of prolonged sitting have been getting a lot of attention – deservedly so. Katharine Ford of Fitness Table Vancouver joined David Berner on Shaw Television in to offer her own perspective on this important topic while also sharing what The Fitness Table Method can do to help you improve poor posture.

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