Our Vision

  • To be the expert and chosen authority in British Columbia on teaching and training about posture, movement, and spinal health.
  • To deliver a program that is comprehensive, empowering, and provides a long-term solution for people suffering from chronic pain, or physical dysfunction related to injury or age.
  • Our vision is to teach people how to listen to, learn from, and strengthen their bodies, thus providing an opportunity to live life to the greatest potential

Our Mission

To deliver a personalized exercise program that provides a long-term solution to pain through private evaluations, private and semi-private classes, small group classes, workshops, and seminars for people committed to creating positive change in their bodies, their minds, and in all aspects of their life.

Our Core Values

  • Open and collaborative approach to learning
  • Diversity and community based
  • Respect for the whole person and the body
  • Communication is a two way street
  • Integrity, transparency, commitment and follow through

The Story

The Fitness Table Method was created by Thérèse Cadrin-Petit, director of The Fitness Table TCP inc. in Montreal. Trained as a classical ballet dancer, Cadrin-Petit studied at the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, England, and danced with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, the National Ballet of Canada and La Comedie Francaise in Paris, France. It was during her time in France that she was introduced to Penchenat’s table, fell in love with it and devoted herself to studying anatomy, physiology, and movement reeducation in order to bring the work back home to Canada.

Back in Montreal, she worked with physiotherapist Mindy Levin, PhD to develop the over 800 exercises that would become the Fitness Table Method. In 1980 Cadrin-Petit was invited to teach at the National Theatre School of Canada, where she first introduced The Fitness Table Method. In 1985, she opened the main centre in Montreal and made the Fitness Table Method TCP available to the general public. Since then, thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds and fields of work have recovered from injuries, strengthened their spines and benefitted from the postural re-training that they practiced at the Fitness Table.

Unique to North America, Fitness Table TCP Method is an innovative form of fitness training focused on developing postural strength. As the only facility of its kind in Vancouver, Fitness Table Vancouver employs the methods originated by Cadrin-Petit for a West Coast clientele.

The Fitness Table Method TCP focuses on:

  1. Developing, Achieving, and Sustaining excellent posture no matter what you are doing or what body position you are in.
  2. The Activation and strengthening of your deep core musculature, your spine, and your whole body.
  3. Educating and training you on how to move and breath with more efficiency, thus improving overall body awareness and strength.

The Table

The Penchenat Table was designed by French kinesiologist Ferdinand Penchenat in the 1920s. Penchenat used his expertise in movement and physical rehabilitation to design the table, which is distinguished by its unique shape and tilt feature. The table’s design allows you to partially anchor yourself and displace your centre of gravity in order to load and work your deep musculature. The table works both on the horizontal plane as well as on an incline in order to use gravity to load and strengthen the body in all planes of movement. Penchenat’s invention is the tool used in the Fitness Table Method.

How do we do this?

By training on the Table you will strengthen your deep core musculature and spine in exceptional positions that would not otherwise be possible. These positions activate your anti-gravity musculature, providing significant relief for back problems while improving your posture.

Through our hands on approach to movement reeducation, our excellent teachers guide, correct, and teach you how to align your body on the Table. This gentle hands on guidance, along with consistent, clear verbal cues gives you, the participant, an understanding of what your poor postural habits are, why they are problematic and how to correct them.

Our hands-on approach to movement reeducation is essential for long lasting changes. At Fitness Table our teachers are with our clients for the entire class and through all of the exercises, making subtle, safe, and gentle corrections for the duration of the class.

A certified Fitness Table TCP instructor teaches all Fitness Table classes. Please click here to see training and education requirements for our teachers. Class sizes are no larger than 12.

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